Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services (THARS) 

Healing from the Heart of Africa

THARS Kitchen & Dining Room Construction Continues

When we finished the work camp part of the Dining Roomconstruction for THARS, we had spent the whole time building rock and cement footings about 2.5 feet deep for the 2-story portion of the structure. It looked as though we didn’t do very much at all. But the building could then proceed.

Preparations were made for pouring the upper level floor, which partially overlaps the lower kitchen.

Can you believe it? All of this has happened, so far, with only$10,000 in construction grants from THARS International! And we can’t underestimate how much it took, the energy and enthusiasm of many of us together, to kick this project off.

Now, the biggest need is to purchase cement for pouring the concrete floor!

Can you imagine how much more progress will result from thenext $10,000 in grants? Please spread the word and help us to raise funds, so that construction can continue and the THARS Training Center becomes a source of needed income for trauma healing, reconciliation work and the empowerment ofpeople who struggle to move forward in their lives.

John Braun, THARS International