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March 21, 2020

Our gatherings for worship, committee work, hand bell choir, quilting, etc. are suspended until it is safe to be physically together.

Our staff is continuing to work, either at home or in the office. Feel free to call or e-mail the church if you have needs. Office Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – 8:00 p.m.  to 1:00 p.m.

We will email and post a weekly news-sheet (linked below) during this time with worship thoughts and spiritual encouragement from Pastor Mike as one way to help us be together in spirit and support.

The Sunnyslope Church Leadership Team

March 03-28-20 News-Sheet

March 03-21-20 News-Sheet



March 14, 2020

Dear sisters and brothers related to the Sunnyslope Church:

The Leadership Team of the Sunnyslope congregation was in conversation Friday, March 13. In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, and following the lead of many other congregations in the Wenatchee Valley, Washington state, as well as sister congregations elsewhere, we are cancelling our worship gathering on Sunday, March 15 and into the weeks ahead. This decision is in keeping with respected medical recommendations we are receiving. We hope this will help contain the rapid spread of the virus and protect our most vulnerable participants.

The Leadership Team has made telephone calls to those among us who are not connected through e-mail to inform them of this decision. Please check with any of your family members or friends who may need this information. We have made note of this change on our church sign.

This cancellation will likely extend for several weeks, but please be assured that the Leadership Team will be meeting via internet connections and will send additional information out soon. We will be planning for:

· providing worship options and experiences for you;
· supporting any who feel lonely or isolated;
· communicating with you regularly;
· assuring the on-going ministries of the church;
· addressing staff needs; and
· providing ways we can be together in spirit and support during this time.

If you wish to participate in a worship service this Sunday, the Living Stream CoB congregation (the Church of the Brethren’s only on-line church, begun in the Pacific Northwest District) meets Sundays at 5 pm PDT. Feel free to log in at www.livingstreamcob.org. Past services are archived if you wish to see one of those on your own schedule.

Feel free to leave a message at the church if needed (509) 663-5745

Contact a Leadership Team member or Pastor Mike if you have concerns: sunnyslopechurch@nwi.net.

  • Let us keep each other (and all) in our prayers.
  • Make a phone call to cheer someone up.

May the spirit of the Holy One surround you.

The Sunnyslope Church Leadership Team


Who we (still) are

Come as you are…

No dress code.
No judgment.
No discrimination.
No distinctions.

We are Sunnyslope


The Sunnyslope Church continues the work of Jesus. Peacefully. Simply. Together. We are a Christian community, called by Jesus to be inclusive, caring, and peace-minded. We affirm that people of any race, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, diverse abilities, age, economic status, faith tradition, or life situation are welcome in our congregation. The official announcement from the Open and Affirming Coalition UCC has been released and notes Sunnyslope as church #1264 to have committed to loving our neighbors … ALL our neighbors!

Sunnyslope Church is an Open and Affirming congregation.

We believe in compassionate service, stewardship of creation, respect for diversity, and nonviolent reconciliation of differences among all people, nations, and faith traditions. We claim no creed but the New Testament, as exemplified by the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Therefore, we strive to follow the way of Jesus. Through these efforts we seek to grow ever closer to the mind and heart of God.


Always Accepted

Bring your doubts, questions, and busy kids. God does not reject people. Neither do we. No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome to full participation in all areas of our congregational life and ministry. At The Sunnyslope Church we do not put a period where God has placed a comma, because we believe God is still speaking and we are still learning what it means to live in Jesus’ realm of love, compassion, and justice.

Seeking Spiritual Truth

312193_283433875126459_1983945707_n FRB

The Peace Pole in front of the building.

We are a growing congregation of Progressive Christians who take the Bible very seriously, but not literally. We believe that spiritual truth is so far beyond our human ability to comprehend that we require symbol and metaphor to even come close to understanding. Therefore, in relationship to the Bible, we look for more than literal meanings to help us find God’s truth for the world and God’s direction for our lives. We try to understand what any particular biblical text meant to those who originally heard it, and then, given the differences in time and culture, what it means for us today. We take God’s grace seriously as well.



Volunteers from Sunnyslope Church in Burundi.

Rooted in Justice:

Our congregation includes folks from all over the political spectrum. We, on occasion, have some lively debates. What holds us together is the sense that God calls us to follow the Way of Jesus; promoting justice in our world. Each month we take special offerings for programs that fight hunger, serve the needs of the poor, and promotes fairness in our society and world. We give to local groups and national programs. We contribute to the Foods Resource Bank and through them support a project in Guatemala that empowers women and encourages diversity in the local food supply. We participate in the special outreach emphases of both the United Church of Christ and the Church of the Brethren.

No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome  to full participation in all areas of our congregational life and ministry!

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